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Zin Zin Zaw Myint, who came to tell me about her childhood memories of growing up in Japan.

During toddlerhood, many changes occur.While some are minor, the transition from a crib to a bed is the most significant.When your child gets out of their crib, it’s possible that they are saying that they want a bigger bed.When a child should move into a separate bed, there are no set guidelines;Nonetheless, they can express interest prior to or after the age of four.Some children might be excited about the idea of a toddler bed, but others might be afraid of a big bed.Toddler trundle bed A trundle is typically a wheeled structure of twin size.Nevertheless, full-sized trundles are also common.In order to facilitate simple storage and pull-out procedures, the lower mattress is typically thinner than a standard mattress.They make a pleasant place for your family to meet and provide space for overnight visitors.Additionally, provide exhausted parents with a wonderful place to rest after dealing with a grumpy infant all night.Because they are different and fun, trundle beds are popular with kids.Children enjoy sleeping on multiple levels and pulling and pushing in the trundle bed.In addition to these advantages, trundle beds accommodate a large number of children in the same room and provide a larger play area for children.If you want to accommodate even more children in the same room, you might want to try bunk beds with a trundle bed that comes out of the spare.