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Have you ever attempted mountain climbing?If that’s the case, what do you do once you reach the top?The majority of people raise their arms, close their eyes, and inhale deeply.That is what makes clean, fresh air unique.You want to stop and breathe in some fresh air.Over the course of the last year, we have confronted a few floods of Covid.We have been warned about a new wave of this virus in recent days.As a result, the significance of clean air has been growing steadily.We are going to learn the reasons why indoor air quality is so important in this article.The effects of pollution on the air you breathe indoors No matter where you go, poor air quality will hurt you.You will still be susceptible to breathing polluted air even if you are alone in your home.More than a million people die each year as a result of air pollution.Some reports claim that India ranks among the top ten nations with the worst air quality in the world.Since people spend more than 90% of their time inside their homes, the effects of polluted air are more pronounced.Residents are more likely to get covid-19, according to another study.In point of fact, indoor air pollution has emerged as a global issue.We can say that pollution levels are up to five times higher inside and in enclosed spaces.You might not be aware of the dangers posed by polluted air because the majority of pollutants are invisible to the naked eye.Common household items like cleaners, cooking fuel, furniture polish, pet dander, and paint can contribute to the pollution of the indoor air.In addition, household appliances like heaters and refrigerators may also be the typical source.Air pollutants are able to easily enter homes because they are not airtight.Smog, smoke, mold spores, and dust, for instance, can enter your home through your windows and doors.Your rooms can be cooled down with air conditioners.However, one drawback is that they may also increase pollutant movement throughout your home.