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Cricket is played in three formats: Tests, One-Day, and Twenty20, as I mentioned in my previous article.The One-Day format of the World Cup is being used to decide who will win the game.A few important details about its upcoming world cup, which starts at the end of this month, have been discussed.The general 2019 cricket world cup is the 12th edition of the men’s cricket world cup, which begins on May 30.Ten teams will compete in the highlight event, which is the sport’s most coveted award.The One-Day format is always used in the world cup.The ODI format is being used for the event.Britain and Ridges will play the host, for the fifth time by and large, and the initial time starting around 1999.Qualification Based on their international One Day rankings, eight teams were automatically qualified as a criterion for qualification.In the qualifier that took place in 2018, six teams competed for the final two spots.In Zimbabwe, that was a contest that was fiercely contested.There were two groups of six teams, and each team played two matches in each group.The winners of the semi-finals and final played the top two teams from each group.Based on the rankings, the teams India, Australia, England, New Zealand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, South Africa, and Sri Lanka were automatically qualified.Afghanistan and the West Indies entered via the qualification process.It was hard for many cricket fans to accept that West Indies had to qualify to play because of its long and illustrious cricketing history.The hosts, England and India, are considered the favorites to win the competition based on their recent form and record of winning matches.The dark horses are Australia, the defending champions, who may surprise few teams to win the world cup.Since their inception in world cricket, South Africa has been a formidable adversary, never reaching the semifinals.Their supporters have high hopes that South Africa will finally win the world cup.