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Model Lee Rin Moe, who sent a wish for her boyfriend Thinza Win Kyaw’s birthday today.I hate to say it, but Germany has been the best team so far.In particular, Bayern Munich’s Thomas Muller has an old-fashioned running and moving style that, for some reason, makes me think of jelly because his movements are just unpredictable.They appear to have the formula for success, just like any good team.A fortunate goalkeeper, a tall, well-organized back four, a good defender, a left-footed pocket rocket, dribbling magicians, and a goal snatcher are all present.Which player belongs in which bracket is up to you.What about the other teams? Spain would have to come in second place, but they were not in their best form this time.If David Villa had been injured during this tournament, Spain would already be back home. He has been so exceptional.In contrast to Spain, which has emerged as a new powerhouse over the past two years, the rest of the team has appeared jaded and without any ideas.They could be victorious in the tournament if Torres only gets into gear.The next team is Holland, who have played well up to this point and have both Sneijder and Robben as their main threats. Their defense is always a concern when playing against quick strikers, but they haven’t given up many goals.And finally, Diego Forlan, Uruguay’s only hope in the semis against Holland. He is in good form and has scored goals, so the Dutch back line will keep an eye on him.The rest of the team is willing to run and move, but they won’t have the new god Luiz Suarez, which could upset the balance that got them to the semis.