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The FIFA world cup results are widely regarded as the most eagerly anticipated news in the world.Each medium channel and press enthusiastically holds back to distribute and communicate the results of this most well known sport occasion.People in Western nations consider soccer to be a religion and worship it in a religious manner.Fans always prefer to read the sports section at the end of any journal.When it comes to online television, most people prefer to watch sports channels for the most recent news and updates.Before the 2010 competition, Mexico and Britain had a well disposed match as of late.This was sort of a warm-up match to get ready for the next event, which starts on June 11 and will go on for a while.The world cup will take place this time around in South Africa.Fabio Capello served as England’s coach in this match.By a score of 3-1, the former team easily defeated the Mexican team.The winning team featured a comeback from Ledley King.He had netted his team’s second goal.After Rooney scored with a header, Peter Crouch, better known as Robot, was able to score from close range.Mexico, on the other hand, did not fall behind; Guillermo Franco scored a goal for the losing team in the ensuing seconds to start the comeback.The last objective in the match was scored by Glen Johnson.He scored his first international goal, which helped England win 3-1.Before the world cup, England will now play her final match against Japan.Graz is where the game is supposed to take place.The news about Italian football is always in the spotlight.Italy is one nation that comes to mind whenever one thinks of soccer.The enthusiasm for the world cup has already begun to grow.Jose Mourinho recently made the announcement that he would no longer be attending games at Milan’s Champions League-winning Santiago Bernabeu stadium.The hero, Cristiano Ronaldo, had already been shown to the audience in full spirit earlier.The Italian audience is still brimming with the same enthusiasm for another thrilling match.