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Sotae’s mother said that Sotae had to be born again. Typically, the World Cup is held during the summer in the northern hemisphere.The temperature in Qatar can reach 50 °C (122 °F) during this time of year.[30] Qatar claims that this won’t be a problem because it will be hosting the World Cup there.An explanation can be found on the Qatar 2022 Bid website:”Each of the five stadia will convert solar energy into electricity, which will then be used to cool fans and players at the stadia. This will provide a cool environment for players and fans.”The stadia’s solar arrays will send energy to the power grid when no games are being played.The stadia will use energy from the grid during games.The stadiums are carbon neutral because of this.We plan to make the cooling technologies we’ve developed available to other countries with hot climates in addition to the stadiums so that they can also host major sporting events.”An illustration of this occurred on October 8, 2015, during the air-conditioned 2018 World Cup qualifier against China.The bid also proposes that these cooling technologies be used in fan-zones, training pitches, and walkways between Metro stations and stadia[31]. However, if anyone enters an area that does not have this technology, they may still be exposed to extreme heat. These cooling techniques will be able to reduce temperatures from 45 to 25 degrees Celsius (113 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit), which would be comfortable for players and spectators during matches.Due to all of the controversy surrounding the topic, Qatar declared their intention to change the dates of the World Cup to winter as soon as they were awarded it.