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If we are lucky, we might see them at the salt licks in the rainforest, where animals typically go to get their daily dose of water and minerals.

These animals’ fresh tracks or pug marks on the mud can be seen by professional and experienced wildlife guides as well as nature hikers, but it usually happens after they have long left.

There are a few at the Taiping Zoo in Perak, the Melaka Zoo in Melaka, and the National Zoo (Zoo Negara) in Kuala Lumpur.

Also, a few years ago, I saw a juvenile of medium size at the Temerloh, Pahang, mini-zoo.

In any case, I hope you were able to spot the wild Malayan tiger in the locations above. And congratulations if you did.

Write to us and tell us about your wonderful experience.

But the most important thing is to preserve the environment and assist in reviving this magnificent animal.