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We’ve all heard the expression “no hoof, no horse.” As a result, we are aware of how crucial it is to take care of our horse’s hooves. To keep them healthy and comfortable, we regularly trim, shoe, and clean them. However, we ponder the situation of wild horses that do not receive our assistance in maintaining their hooves. How do wild horses keep their hooves healthy?

Our domestic horses, on the other hand, are bred for other traits and do not have access to the same environment as wild horses, such as rough terrain and the ability to roam for long distances, so they do not always come with good hooves. Hooves become more fragile as a result, necessitating our attention to maintain their health.

Naturalists frequently draw parallels between domestic horses and wild horses. They might inquire, “If wild horses don’t need shoes, then domestic horses shouldn’t either.” regarding hooves.

However, we need to be aware of the distinction between domestic and wild horses’ hooves.

Natural selection produces a genetically distinct hoof in wild horses, which live in a different environment than humans.