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Men with courage and scientific acumen ought to be chosen for such an expedition. They should have access to a wide range of tools and supplies, as well as a variety of animals whose instincts and powers could be of use to them. Oxen from Buenos Aires or English settlements, mules from Senegal, and dromedaries from Africa or Arabia ought to be on their roster.

The oxen would travel through the thickets and woods; The mules would walk safely over rocky terrain and hills; The sandy deserts would be traversed by the dromedaries. As a result, the expedition would be prepared for any territory in the interior. Dogs should also be taken to hunt for game and find watering holes; In addition, it has even been suggested to take pigs in order to discover esculent roots in the soil. The party would survive on the meat of their own flocks when there were neither kangaroos nor game to be found.

A balloon should be provided to them so that they can observe any significant obstacle to their progress in particular directions from a distance and expand the range of observations that the eye would take of level lands that are too wide to allow any heights beyond them to come within their compass[3].