May Chit Thwe shot and videotaped her brother Paing Tagun, who was starving to death in Shutin.

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The audience is a handsome model actor who has won the hearts and minds of the fans. He is a beloved man who has achieved success not only at home but also in many foreign countries.

Currently, Paing Tagun is resuming his art work, and he has been working on his art work because the art work is so rich. Because of her relentless work of art, she even had to eat rice at Shutin, and her sister videotaped Poe Tagun enjoying a meal at Shutin.

Poi Tagon is an internationally acclaimed celebrity, but fans still admire the generosity of Poi Tagon, who roams the border like an ordinary person with no pretentious pride. Here is a video of the waterfall.

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