On her birthday, presenter Su Mon received a Surprise Birthday Cake with a bouquet of gum from her overseas lover.

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Su Mon is one of Myanmar’s most successful presenters. The actresses are said to be surrounded by male fans. He is also involved in many programs and always does cute gestures.

Yesterday, April 6, was her birthday. Her beloved fiancé also sent her a surprise bouquet of flowers and a bouquet of cane flowers from abroad. I also thank my friends for their prayers. ”Thanks to my father and mother for giving birth for the first time today, Sumon’s birthday Despite the inconvenience
Many thanks to each and every one of the best men and women in the world for praying for this daughter to stand up for her at this age.

I want to be Moana. Thank you for letting it all end. I’m smarter, I will try harder, I will be healthier, I will be more beautiful. ” Fans, please wish Su Mon a happy birthday.

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