Sadly, she misses her fans and works of art that she never knew she would ever see again.

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Phwe Phwe is one of the top artists who has won 3 Fan Love Academy Awards which has fully won the love of the fans. The mother-in-law recently lost her father, and as a daughter who loves her father, it is an invaluable loss.

“I have a dream about my father,” she said on her social media page, “I have a dream about my father, who was not allowed to see me until his death on April 6.” As before, they were driving their daughter together and walking together. She was smiling and she wanted to sleep on those days. I do not want to wake up anymore. When I woke up, I read the message “I miss Phwe ..” and I missed my loved ones so much တိုင်း Every time I saw flowers, I missed the movies I cherished for a long time… One day I want to be able to talk about those things I miss, and I want to see you somewhere in the world. ”

Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys . Fans are also missing Phwe Sein, aren’t they?

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