Thanks to my parents for taking care of me on my birthday

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Thinzar Nwe Win is a beautiful actress who has won the love of her fans. At present, she and her son and daughter are living happily in a happy family life with a loving husband.

Today, April 8, is the 32nd birthday of the beloved of the fans, Thinzar Nwe Win. Today, Thinzar turns 32 years old. Over the years, I have learned as much as I should about the twists and turns of life. The youngest daughter, who was once a year old and has been under the care of her parents, is now a mother of two. Now that you have taken the place of your parents, you have more responsibilities, and for your son or daughter, you have come to realize that being a parent is not always easy.

Raising a child is not easy. Many thanks to Mama and Par Par for supporting and educating her until she got married. ”

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