A Balanced Diet Can Help You Avoid Injuries

We’ve all heard the term “a 4-6 week recovery”. That heart retching sentence that eats you up inside. Whether it’s a strain, pull, sprain, tear or even a fracture, asking a ballerina to rest is like disabling one’s way to express oneself. So what are the most common ballet injuries? An Injury Breakdown for a … Read more

A Chicago Walking Tour to Remember

With its countless attractions and historical landmarks, a day is not long enough to enjoy the sights and culture of the so-called ‘windy city.’ While most attractions are located within a reasonable proximity of the best hotels in Chicago, there are those that require a certain amount of endurance. But the great thing about it … Read more

Preparing for a Latin American trip

Looking up what to take away on a backpacking trip is one of the most searched topics for people travelling to Latin America. And outside of documentation for your single trip travel insurance and passport, it can be difficult to discern what is needed and what is unnecessary. Stereotypes of Latin American countries as backwards … Read more