How to Get Over a Breakup and Get Back to Living Your Life

If you’re reading this, first I’d like to say that you will survive this. Anyone wondering how to get over breakup pain is in a cold, dark place. Fortunately, with a little effort, time and assistance, you will get over your ex.

For starters, you must decide if it is really over. If a part of you is wondering if you can get back together with your ex, you’re not yet ready for this guide on how to get over a break up. There is a lot you can do to get an ex back, but the intention here is to help you move on once you’ve finally accepted that it is over.

How to Get Over Breakup Pain – Starting Place

Okay, so you’re in pain and you’re asking, “How do I get over a breakup?” First of all, make sure you’ve completed step one. You must decide that your ex is now and forever a part of your past. You can’t truly get over someone while hoping to rekindle the flame; so stick to steps you can take to get an ex back if your real goal is not to let go once and for all.

End Communication to Get Over Breakup Pain

Heartache gets much better after the first 2 – 4 weeks; but one of the biggest lessons in how to get over breakup pain is that every single communication with your ex can be like starting over from day one. By letting your ex back into your heart and mind, even for a short time, you may end up destroying any progress that you made. It’s a major setback. So, as hard as it may be, you must cut all UNNECESSARY contact with your ex.

The more you communicate with an ex, the harder it is to get over a break up;so don’t call, text, email, tweet, Facebook, or make any other contact. There are exceptions, which we’ll talk about in a minute, but for the most part this rule must be followed religiously if you’re serious about learning how to get over someone you love.

If your ex calls, ignore the call. If possible, you may even want to change your phone number, block texts and emails, and remove your ex from your online friends lists. Even if the ex shows up on your doorstep or claims an urgent need to speak with you, don’t fall for it.

What if you can’t cut communications?

Now for the exceptions. Many heartbroken women and men are left wondering, “How do I get over a break up when we must still deal with each other?” It’s true that child custody, court proceedings, joint accounts and things of that nature complicate things. But don’t lose hope.

If you’re trying to get over breakup pain under circumstances where you must communicate with your ex, the best thing you can do is resist all temptation to talk about things unrelated to the reason you must contact each other. If you must talk about the kids, only talk about the kids. If you share a bank account, talk only about the bank account and separate your money as soon as possible. This drastic lack of communication doesn’t have to last forever, but you can’t be friends with your ex while you’re still trying to get over him or her.

These little lessons may not seem like much, but they are both difficult and powerful. Just remember, if relationship repair is an option, learn how to get back together with an ex instead of starting this process of moving on. Begin the work of getting over your ex when you are truly ready. If you can stick to the guidelines here for at least 30 days, you’ll find that it is possible to get over breakup pain after all.

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