Is it possible to ship international cargo to Lebanon? What You Should Know Before You Go

Also called the Lebanese Republic, Lebanon borders Israel, the Syrian Arab Republic, and the Mediterranean Sea. Beirut is the biggest city in Lebanon and also the capital. There are over 4.1 million people estimated to live in Lebanon.

If you are interested in shipping to Lebanon, the country is home to a number of different shipping ports. The largest shipping port in Lebanon is in Beirut. Another shipping port is located in Tripoli. The Port of Beirut is the main shipping port into the country. It is one of the biggest in the region, serving as a shipping gateway to Iraq, Jordan, and other Gulf States.

Required Documentation for Shipping to Lebanon

If you are interested in shipping cargo to Lebanon, you will be required to provide a variety of different documents. These include:

  • Valid Passport
  • Detailed Shipping Inventory (legalized by local authorities and the Lebanese Consulate at place of origin)
  • Certificate of Change of Residence (legalized by local authorities and the Lebanese Consulate at place of origin)
  • Contract of housing or apartment in Lebanon (legalized by the Municipality)
  • Work and Residence permits (required for non-Lebanese immigrants only)

If you are shipping cargo including household goods to Lebanon, some items may qualify for duty free shipping. For example, you can ship used goods that you have owned and been using for at least six months or longer to Lebanon duty free.

If you want to ship new items to Lebanon, be prepared to pay duty fees estimated to be around 35% of the estimated value of the cargo.

Items Prohibited From Shipment to Lebanon

When you are shipping cargo to Lebanon, there are some items that are not allowed toenter the country. You cannot ship the following cargo to Lebanon:

  • Firearms or any related Explosives
  • Alcohol, Drugs, or Narcotics of any kind
  • Pornographic materials

In addition, you are not allowed to ship items which bear trade names included in the Israel boycott black list.

Shipping a Vehicle to Lebanon

If you are moving to Lebanon or returning to the country after having been away for a while, you may be interested in rules and regulations regarding vehicle shipping to Lebanon.

If you ship a vehicle to Lebanon, you will likely be expected to pay duty fees. Duty fees for vehicle shipping to Lebanon range between 20% and 35%. An experienced cargo shipping company can provide you additional information about vehicle shipping and duty fees to Lebanon.

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to ship a car older than 8 years to Lebanon. In addition, make sure that you have an ownership card for your vehicle and an invoice of purchase. The vehicle purchase invoice will need to be legalized by the Chamber of Commerce and the Lebanese Consulate.

Bringing a Pet to Lebanon

If you are interested in bringing your pet with you to Lebanon, you will need to make sure that your animal has updated certificates for all normal inoculations. Please note that a Sanitary Certificate is required for entry into Lebanon.

Knowing the latest shipping rules and regulations will make your experience with international shipping to Lebanon or anywhere else in the world much easier.

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