The Benefits and Drawbacks of Avatars

The avatar is something which has become a normal part of life in the 21st century. We use an avatar generator on many of the websites we visit. But each time we create an avatar we enter a new body and we can adopt an entirely new personality. We also interact with other people’s avatars. So with the avatar becoming such an important part of our lives, should we really start transitioning into these virtual bodies so quickly?

Why Avatars are Awesome

1. Branding

Avatars are a fantastic way to introduce yourself to people. You can hang up your skills and promote yourself all over the Internet. It prevents people from clashing with your personality and it allows you to set the tone for anything you do. For example, if you were writing about computer technology you could include something geeky in your avatar to match the audience.

2. Personality

Your avatar is an extension of your personality. If you’re a writer you can add a pen or a book to your avatar. Many sites now offer an avatar generator which can accommodate these additions.

3. Appealing

Avatars appeal to an audience. They make socialising far less intimidating and encourage people to mix. If a part of your avatar has something which matches your interests, you can go in with confidence. You don’t have to worry about potentially finding out you have nothing in common with the person in question.

Why Avatars are Not Worth the Hassle

1. Usability

When you create an avatar you nearly always ask yourself whether it’s worthwhile. If you’re talking to people you already know there’s not a lot of point in having an avatar. Furthermore, we are now revealing more and more details about ourselves. There’s rarely a reason to have a little figure which reveals our interests when we can just write them down. Another factor is the way the Internet, and life, moves. What was relevant in the morning isn’t necessarily relevant in the evening. Things change in our lives. We use multiple brands. We have different moods. An avatar just can’t keep up with these things.

2. Trust Issues

If you’re hiding behind an avatar your real face isn’t there. If they can’t see you why should they trust you? For all they know, the middle-aged office worker they think they’re talking to could turn out to be an old man sitting in a retirement home. There’s no way to discover the truth if someone is using an avatar generator.

3. Future Markets

The pull to ‘create an avatar’ remains just a fad like any other. It doesn’t have a permanent position in the world of the Internet, like email and instant messaging services. Eventually, the avatar will disappear. Customers and clients demand more from the people they speak to. They want to know they’re talking to a real person, and the only way to do this is to appear in person via webcam. With attitudes and desires changing, the future of the avatar as a widespread entity isn’t good.

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