The Brother DCP-8110DN is a low-cost multifunction printer that can handle heavy workloads

Brother Industries Ltd. is an electronics company that manufactures computer-related electronics. Some of its products include printers, fax machines, and typewriters. The firm, which is based in Nagoya, Japan, entered the printer market during its partnership with Centronics Data Computer Corporation.

The company’s DCP-8110DN is an affordable multifunction printer that may be used to complement the single function printers previously released by the firm. The monochrome laser printer weighs 15.6 kilograms, and its dimensions are similar to those of other Brother printers. It features an input drawer that can accommodate up to 250 sheets, a 35-sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), and a drop-down multipurpose tray. The ADF has a flip-over cover that serves as the paper feed tray. Those who wish to increase their printing volume may opt to purchase an additional 500-sheet drawer. The unit also includes a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port socket that may be used when downloading scanned documents or uploading print documents.

The process of setting up the unit is fairly easy, and connecting from other machines is very simple. The printer may be connected using the USB port or through Ethernet. It features a five-line LCD display for printing options instead of a touch screen display. Users may choose to change contrast, quality, and the default paper tray. The DCP-8110DN’s auto duplex feature is limited to printing, and it excludes copying and scanning functions. The multifunction printer allows users to scan multi-page documents. Scanned images can be saved in various formats: JPEG, Portable Document Format (PDF), Secure PDF, TIFF, and others.

Tests show that the printer has a speed of 33 pages per minute (PPM) for standard print pages, not far from the company’s claim of 36 ppm. The printing quality is high, but the quality is sometimes compromised when making copies. For graphics, copies are generally darker than the originals. Text quality is good even at a lower resolution, and grayscale graphics are printed well. Users need to purchase a 3,000-page toner or an 8,000-page cartridge once the sample toner is used up. The drum and cartridge unit are installed separately, allowing users to change the toner several times without having to renew the drum. The toner can be removed by sliding it down the front after folding down the front panel.

Scanning is quite fast, and the Papersoft software works well when scanning multiple sheets and converting them to PDF. The multifunction printer also includes time-saving copier features. Users who wish to control their energy costs can use the unit’s ‘deep sleep mode’ that reduces energy consumption. The product’s ‘toner save mode,’ on the other hand, may be used to print documents that do not require very high quality printing. The DCP-8110DN is ideal for customers who are into fast and affordable multifunction printers. Running costs are fairly low, but printing quality is outstanding. Our tests show that this gadget can handle heavy workloads. The poor copying quality is probably the DCP-8110DN’s weakest feature.

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