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Moe Heman Khin said that her marriage has ended and she is living a peaceful life as a single mom.

Nan Myat Phyo Thien shared some memorable pictures of her and her daughter attending the event together.

Yadanabol, who showed raw images of Kyaw Chet Aung and her in bed to the audience.

Singer Popo and May Toe Khaing, who bravely faced the pain at one time, were reunited.

Myint Mor, an actor who is regal and simple and beautiful.

Bridal Shower Khey Set Thuyn, a bride who was surprised by her friends.

The actor “Soe Thu” who lived a peaceful life eating meat free until he was 24 years old.

. Kyaw Kyaw Nan helping the visually impaired Nai Chet Aung to sing

Miss Ai Aung Tun who opened up about her relationship.

Suta Aung, who donated a bottle to a stroke sufferer from his village.