A Chicago Walking Tour to Remember

With its countless attractions and historical landmarks, a day is not long enough to enjoy the sights and culture of the so-called ‘windy city.’ While most attractions are located within a reasonable proximity of the best hotels in Chicago, there are those that require a certain amount of endurance. But the great thing about it is that the ambience is so enjoyable, one would not even notice the distance as they stroll from one landmark to the next. For those who are visiting the city for the first time, the following must not be missed.

Prairie Avenue

In the late 1800s, if you were anyone that mattered in polite society, you held an esteemed address along Prairie Avenue. In fact, in the last 30 years of the 19th century, almost a hundred millionaires lived in the area-no wonder the best hotels in Chicago can be found a convenient distance from it! Today, Prairie Avenue tantalises because of its historical significance-it still exudes a powerful, if quaint, sense of bygone privilege.

A walking tour through the district can be immensely enjoyable, especially for history buffs and those who love the architecture of a once fabulous era. At least nine of the preserved Victorian residences are considered historic landmarks and are favourite points of interest on walking tours. Don’t forget to pay a visit to the Glessner House Museum and explore its collection of 19th century decorative art pieces.

The Riverwalk

The Riverwalk (first conceived in the early 1900s but only finding fruition a hundred years later) is one of the best places to take in the breeze and enjoy the sights of the city. The grand plan is to create an uninterrupted public promenade along both banks of the river-an envisioned stretch of 45 kilometres. So far, however, due to complications, a walkway just along the river’s south bank-stretching from State Street to Lake Michigan-has been created. These days, aside from the tourists that come from some of the best hotels in Chicago, the Riverwalk is a favourite gathering place among locals who just want to hang out and enjoy the views or sip iced latte at one of the cafes along the stretch. The walkway is now home to a number of attractions, from boat cruises to art displays and water taxi terminals-you can even rent a bike for easier exploration.

Lincoln Park

Located just a little to the north of the city’s downtown area, Lincoln Park is the city’s largest park at around 1200 acres. Compared to the more famous parks, such as the Grant Park and Millennium Park, Lincoln Park exudes a laid-back atmosphere. Within an easy walk of some of the best hotels in Chicago, the park has many beaches and the lakefront area is a favourite destination, especially during the summer months. There are also plenty of things to see at the Lincoln Park Zoo and the History Museum.

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