Three Reasons Why La Tania Ski Resort Is Perfect for Everyone

If you are considering booking a holiday at La Tania ski resort, you might be wondering whether you have enough (or even too much) experience on skis to warrant your visit. There is nothing worse than arriving at a resort you have clearly outgrown, or finding there are too few runs to suit your beginner’s legs.

This won’t be the case when you stay in lovely resort though, as you will see below. There are lots of good reasons why it is ideal for all skiers, regardless of how much or little time you have amassed on the slopes.

Three runs lead directly into the resort

La Tania ski resort has lots to commend it, not least the fact it has a superb run that is ideal for every type of skier. With one blue, one red and one green run coming into the resort, all skiers from the beginners to the more experienced will find something to suit them. This is, of course, without considering the many other runs available around the area itself.

You are close to Courchevel and Meribel

Courchevel and Meribel – these are two of the finest and most familiar skiing areas in all of France. If you want to stay in a resort that offers easy access to all kinds of runs and pistes, La Tania ski resort certainly ticks all the boxes. There are all kinds of opportunities to get to grips with the area here, enabling you to explore different runs and take on different challenges. You could stay here for a week or two and never do the same run twice if it suits you to do so. With easy access to all the runs and pistes you can use La Tania ski resort as your base and get to all the areas you want to explore.

Off piste opportunities exist as well

Of course, off piste opportunities should only ever be tackled by experienced skiers who know what they are doing. Make no mistake – they can be dangerous, and require all those using them to carry the normal safety equipment and devices. However with that said, if you are at this stage you will find many great runs off piste in and around the area. It certainly has a lot to offer and the highlight must surely be the ease of access it provides to nearby runs of all kinds.

So whether you are a total beginner or this is your umpteenth skiing holiday, this delightful resort could be the ideal base for you to use during your time in France. With lots of skiing opportunities all around you, you will be spoilt for choice on where to go next. Of course this location also offers superb hospitality to enjoy when you’ve had enough of the piste for the day.

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